Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cave Dog on a Boat

On our recent camping trip, in addition to touring Mammoth Cave, we took a tour of Lost River Cave.  It's a cave with a river running through it and you can take a boat ride through the cave.  That sounded like fun since it would be cool and also did not involve much walking.

Isaac had never been on a boat before and I wasn't sure how he'd do.  He didn't hesitate when it came to getting on the boat, but the boat felt sort of wobbly or unsteady and he did not care for that.  I could tell he wasn't too pleased, but he still behaved well.  I'm not sure anyone else on the boat could tell he didn't like it.  Maybe the friend that was with us, who knows Isaac pretty well.

The trip was full of all kinds of new experiences for Isaac.

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