Monday, August 29, 2016

Minor Access Dispute Today

Had a minor access dispute today when I went to Rite Aid for a flu shot. The pharmacist tried to tell me I could not take Isaac in the little consultation room where they usually give the flu shots. She asked if I could leave him (unattended!) out by the pharmacy counter. Um, no! Then she said she would come out front and give me my shot there. Now, I don't feel like I need a lot of privacy to get a flu shot, but you can't insist I get mine out front if every one else (you know, the people that are not disabled) get to have theirs in private in the consultation room. So I informed her that was not going to work either and that Isaac would join me in the consultation room for my shot. 

I am not sure why she did not want him in the consultation room. I think she may have been afraid of dogs, but she didn't say that. She did, however, tell me she didn't know "what kind of dog" he was and that sometimes the have people come through the drive up window with dogs in their cars and the dogs are barking. I said "Well, the dogs are pets and they are in their cars. They aren't allowed in the store. My dog is allowed in because he is a service dog." She seemed like she did not understand the difference. But if she'd said she was afraid of him, I might have considered other options. But she didn't say she was afraid and I'm not sure if that was the issue. She never did really explain.

I went home and called the corporate office to tell them she needs some training with regard to the ADA. I did get my shot, she didn't deny me service, but it was still inappropriate.

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