Friday, April 13, 2018

Sick Service Dog

Isaac has been sick for the past week and a half.  Well, sort of.  He threw up six times over a nine-day period.  Other than when he was throwing up, he appeared to feel OK. 

I've spent what feels like a lot of time cleaning up dog puke.  We've made three trips to the vet.  We finally figured out what was going on and (I think, I hope) have a handle on it.

On our second visit to the vet, an x-ray showed what appeared to be a small piece of bone in his stomach.  The piece was apparently too large for him to vomit up and too large to pass on through his intestine.  An ultrasound was scheduled for the following day to get a better look.

Well, the following day, the piece of bone was no longer in the stomach.  It had made its way at last into the small intestine.  That was yesterday.

Now we are waiting to see if it will continue making its way through Isaac's intestines and, um, on out.  The vet is hopeful.  If it doesn't, that will mean it causes a bowel obstruction which can be deadly and requires prompt surgical treatment.

He hasn't vomited in three days and he is active and pooping normally today.  No bone yet, but no symptoms of an obstruction.  Maybe tomorrow.

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