Friday, November 25, 2016

Door Number One or Door Number Two

We are out of town and Isaac has had the opportunity to experience a number of new things over the past few days. One of those is elevators with doors in both front and back, where which door opens depends on which floor you stop on.

The first couple times we rode in one, Isaac was confused. Normally, he gets on an elevator and then turns around to face the door he just walked through, just like a person would do.

When the door opened behind him, he hesitated to turn around and walk out. He was still waiting for the door in front of him to open again. I had to tell him to come with me. 

 But after riding the elevator a couple times, he caught on. We've been in that same elevator a total of six times now, I think, and the last two times, he remembered and faced the correct door. 

He learns so fast. But it's also fun to watch him try to figure things out and he just had no idea elevators could have doors on both sides.

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