Friday, July 21, 2017

I Am Not Inspired by Morgan Inspiration Island

Have you read about the new water park in Texas designed for children with disabilities?  It's called Morgan Inspiration Island, I guess because people with disabilities are supposed to inspire non-disabled people, you know.

While everyone is all excited about an accessible, inclusive water park, remember that this means other water parks are inaccessible, exclusive. And this one is sort of exclusive too since it's being advertised as being for kids with disabilities, instead of for all kids. Apparently kids with disabilities need their very own water park, instead of being able to enjoy whatever water park is near their home.

Would the response be the same if a new water park was opened for African American kids? Or for Jewish kids? Or for any other group? Why segregate the kids with disabilities in their very own water park instead of demanding all parks be accessible - you know, like the federal law says they should be anyway?

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