Saturday, September 9, 2017

Follow Up on the Access Dispute at the Nursing Home

I recently wrote about going to visit a former neighbor at the nursing home where he now lives. 

The following morning, I called and asked to speak with the director of nursing.  It took two days to actually get to speak with her and by then the nurse that had denied me access had already shared her side of the story with her boss.

The director of nursing told me that they had had someone bring a pet dog to the nursing home recently and the pet dog bit someone in the dining room.  After that, staff were told not to let dogs in the dining room, but that edict was not meant to refer to service dogs, only to pets.  She said the nurse in question did not understand this and thought that no dogs were allowed.

I believe the nurse thought she was right.  However, she was really rude about it and I did stress that to the director of nursing.

The director of nursing told me there was a staff meeting already scheduled for the end of the week and that she would be adding the topic of service dogs to the agenda.

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