Friday, March 30, 2018

Hotels and Service Dogs

Hotels fall under Title 3 of the ADA, just like Walmart does.  That means they must allow service dogs and, just like at Walmart, hotels can only ask if a dog is a service dog and what tasks the dog is trained to do.  For some reason, people sometimes think hotels would be different and that hotels can ask for some sort of documentation, but that's not the case.

On my recent trip, I stayed in two hotels. At the first hotel, I had Isaac with me, in his vest, when I was checking in. The clerk explained to me that there was a $10 pet fee.

I explained to her that he was a SD so there is no pet fee for him.

She turned around and asked a coworker, "Do we charge a pet fee for service dogs?"

I was about to tell her that she doesn't since the Dept of Justice says she's not allowed but her coworker told her they don't, so it was fine.  I've been charged pet fees several times at hotels but they've always corrected it and removed the fee when I tell them they aren't supposed to charge a fee for a service dog.

At the second hotel, again I had Isaac with me in his vest and the clerk asked "Any pets?" I said, "No, just my service dog" and she knew not to charge a pet fee.

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