Friday, September 16, 2016

Today at the Library

I had a really cute encounter with a little girl at the library today. She was about seven years old, I would guess.

Isaac and I were looking at books on composting and then on canning. Well, I was. Isaac was napping by my feet and looking rather annoyed every time I had to ask him to move. At one point I dropped my tote bag and he picked it up for me.

This little girl was following us, kind of looking at books but mostly looking at Isaac. I doubt she was really interested in books on gardening and food preservation, plus we were in the adult section. Although she did pick out a book on making ice cream and showed it to me. It looked interesting.

Anyway, after Isaac picked up my tote bag, she commented, "Your dog is really good."

I said yes, he was.

She said "That's a good trick, he gets things for you."

I said he gets all kinds of things for me.

She seemed impressed. And never tried to pet or distract him.

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