Monday, September 5, 2016


Today I had to go get my knee x-rayed. I was planning to put Isaac in a downstay behind the little divider thing where they x-ray tech stands but there was another x-ray tech that volunteered to hold the leash for me in an adjoining room. They left the connecting door open so I could hear what was going on in there.

They had to take several x-rays and partway through I heard Isaac's tags jingle and heard the tech tell him, "They will be done in a minute."

I called out, "Isaac, stay" and didn't hear anything else. 

As soon as I was done, I called him and he came trotting, but not running, into the room where I was. 

Then when I started to walk out of the room, Isaac turned back to the tech that had watched him for me and said goodbye by nuzzling her hand for a second. It was cute. 

And he behaved very well. 

And no one asked me why I had a service dog.

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