Monday, September 12, 2016

Watch Where You're Going

So a kid tripped over my service dog today.

We were at the Medicaid office and they were very busy so there were no chairs free. So I was standing beside a row of chairs, trying to be out of the way, and Isaac was lying down right up against my feet.

This little kid, about three or four, was walking backwards for some reason, so not looking at all where he was going. I was looking at the window I was going to, trying to figure out how long a wait I was going to have, so I didn't realize the kid was going to walk into my dog until it was too late. If Isaac had not been there, the kid would have ran into me. He walked (backwards) right into Isaac, tripped over him, and fell down. Kind of on top of my dog.

Isaac did not mind. He just looked up like "Wha? That woke me up."

I apologized to the kid and his mother, although I don't think my dog was really in the way. I mean, he was as out of the way as he could be. But I wasn't watching so I didn't stop the kid before he tripped over my dog.

The mother apologized to me, the kid apologized to my dog, and the mother scolded the kid for not watching where he was going.

Meanwhile, Isaac just went back to sleep.

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