Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Visit to the Vet

Isaac had to see the vet today for a vaccine.  I also wanted the vet to look at one of his teeth, which I noticed a couple weeks ago appeared oddly discolored.

There is a donkey that lives next door to Isaac's vet.  Last time I took him to the vet, Isaac barked and barked at that donkey.  Today, he just looked at the donkey like oh, that's no big deal.

Isaac now weighs 75 pounds.  He's gained four pounds since the last time he went to the vet, which was about two months ago.  I think that's partly because he hasn't gotten to go for a run as often as I'd like him to, both because of the weather and because of dog walkers that don't show up regularly, and partly because he talks me into too many treats.  So I guess we need to cut back on the treats a bit.

Isaac does not like it when the vet listens to his heart and lungs with the stethoscope.  He doesn't mind getting shots, but he thinks the stethoscope is rather scary.  He tried to hide behind the vet tech, and then when he realized it was inevitable, the vet was actually going to touch him with that scary stethoscope, he assumed the facial expression and posture he assumes when he's getting his toenails cut.  He looks very, very sad, as if he just can't believe anyone would do something so awful to him.

The vet said his tooth is fractured.  He must have bit down on something and cracked it.  He usually chews on bones and toys and things with the side of his mouth, not his front teeth, but somehow he cracked this one in the front.  I bet it hurts.  He hasn't been acting like it hurts, but I think it must.  Now he has to have it pulled.  They can't do it for two weeks, though.  Poor baby boy.

Isaac's vet, by the way, is the Ashland Road Animal Clinic in Mansfield, Ohio.  If anyone is looking for a good vet, I highly recommend them.

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