Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last Night's Dreams

Last night I dreamed my back was really bad and I was taken to a hospital via ambulance.  I'm not sure which hospital I was taken to, but it wasn't my local hospital (which sucks royally) because I specifically told the paramedics not to take me there.  I wish I knew which hospital it was, because the nurse there was really nice.  She gave me some wonderful pain medication in my IV and then she brought  me this big chocolate cookie.  How great is that?

I've decided to interpret that as meaning it might be OK to seek some medical care after all.  I had a good experience with the nurse in my dream.  Maybe I can have a good experience in real life.

Do you think it also means I should eat a cookie?

Then I dreamed that I was babysitting all these little kids.  I don't know whose kids they were or whose house I was at, but there was a skunk in the house.  It fell in through a hole in the roof.  Anyone want to guess what that might mean?

I looked up skunks in one of those dream dictionaries and it said skunks represent unexpressed anger.  Then I looked up skunks in a dictionary of animal totems and it said skunks are good at self-protection and knowing when to act in self-defense (apparently they don't spray every time they feel threatened because it actually takes a couple weeks to build up a new supply of stinky stuff, so they have to save it for when they really, really need it). 

So I think I do have some anger I need to deal with, although I feel like I have expressed it, it just hasn't gotten me anywhere.  And I need to learn that I can protect myself and I need to learn to discern when I am really in danger and when I am not.

If I can become better at discerning when I am in danger and when I am not, I can seek medical care at least some of the times when I need it, because it won't always be risky to do so.

Don't you love it when your dreams make sense?


  1. I have very vivid strange dreams most nights. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers them, and tries to analyze them. Last night I dreamt that I was in a huge baseball stadium with tons of people and there was a muddy river going through it and I was crammed into a cardboard box trying to stay dry. No one else was bothered by the water and mud. I think the muddy water represents confusion about things in my life and the fact I seem bothered by unresolved issues when others are OK with uncertainty. Dream interpretation is fascinating.

  2. That's really interesting! Yes, I think you could interpret the dream about the hospital and nurse as meaning it's okay to get medical care - I know you've been having lots of problems with pain lately. And the skunk representing unexpressed anger, can definitely see that you might have more anger locked inside over what you went through at that awful hospital. Sometimes it takes a long time to really get past anger and resentment, despite all our best efforts.
    So I say - go for it! You definitely need to get some medical care, and you are such a strong person, Kelly, you can do it. Take Isaac with you, he will help you remain calm(er) and be comforting and reassuring. Wish I lived closer, would gladly accompany you but here I am down in Florida so that doesn't help much! I'll send you some warm weather and sunshine instead!