Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Pics

Because it's always fun to see cute doggie pics, right?

That dingy white thing he's gnawing on is the inside of a volley ball.  He chewed off the - what is that stuff the outside of volley balls are made from, anyway?  Rubber?  Whatever it is, he chewed it off.  But he likes playing with the guts of the ball.  But see how he's cuddling his tiger while he's gnawing on the volley ball innards?  'Cause, you know, someone might try to steal it if he leaves it unattended.

I bought Isaac this toy a while back at  Meijer.  I thought he might chew it to bits pretty quickly, but it was cheap.  In fact, he did gnaw off one end, but left the rest of it intact.  It turns out that, with one end gnawed off, I can stuff little treats inside it.  This entertains him for hours as he tries to get the treats out.  He's slowly chewing off bits of what's left of the toy, but it's taking him a while to do that.  I wish I would have picked up a couple of these toys when I saw them, but I never know what toys are going to turn out to be a good choice and what toys aren't.

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