Monday, June 15, 2015

Kitty in Need of Good Home

I have a friend that has a cat that needs a home. Well, his mom has a cat that needs a home. The cat is male, probably two years old, named Whiskers. He is not neutered and he had a UTI a couple months ago and it is thought he has another UTI now, but will be seeing the vet in a couple days for antibiotics. He is friendly, gets along with other cats (as long as they are friendly to him), is curious but wary when Isaac visits (and would probably become friends with a dog if one was around a lot), is playful and cuddly. His currently owner is older and has some health problems and is upset that he has peed outside the litter box a few times, but that is most likely due to a UTI (he peed outside the box before when it was determined he had a UTI). The current owner will only keep him a week or two at most before taking him to a shelter. Wherever you are, I will get him to you if you are willing to give him a good home!

 If you have any questions or might be interested in giving Whiskers a home or know someone that might like a kitty, please email me at poet_kelly at yahoo dot com. 

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