Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Busiest Week Ever

I have had the busiest week ever.  Well, OK, not ever.  I've had busier weeks in the past.  But like, a really long time in the past.  Back when I was a social worker, I often worked 50 hours a week.  But that was, what?  Twelve years ago?  A little more than 12 years ago.

But the last four days have been super busy for me.  Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, I left the house by 10 am and didn't make it home until dinner time or later.  So eight hour days or something like that, and then I came home and had some data entry stuff to do for my mystery shopping jobs. Today was a little less busy but still pretty busy.  I took Whiskers to the vet and did two mystery shopping gigs after that.

Plus I took Isaac to the park for a while first.  Which may have been a bad idea, because he managed to roll in something stinky, and even though I cleaned him up the best I could, he was a bit smelly the rest of the day.  But we have had a lot of rain here all week, plus I've been so busy, and that means he has not had much exercise.  I was able to let him run around at a park for about 20 minutes yesterday, between thunder showers, but he still really needed to run and let off some steam today.

I needed to be outside today, too.  I wasn't feeling very well, had a headache and felt kind of achy and nauseous, so I didn't want to walk very far, especially since it was hot and extremely humid.  But I stood under some trees in the shade while Isaac ran around and took a dip in the lake and rolled in stink.

I think both Isaac and I have handled our busy week well, but I also think I need to take care not to over schedule myself in the future.  I know I do best when I get enough rest and enough time to hike and be outdoors.  And I haven't done that this week.

I had a minor anxiety attack Tuesday, when I was already exhausted and then this indicator light came on in my van.  You know, the lights on the dash that tell you something's wrong?  And I had no clue what this light meant.  When I bought my van, it did not have an owner's manual with it, so I didn't have that to look it up in.  The light sort of looked like a light bulb, except it was not bulb-shaped, it was round.  It also sort of looked like a bomb, and I really hoped it did not mean my van was about to blow up.

It turns out it was supposed to be a light bulb and it was telling me that one of my turn signals, the rear left one, to be exact, is burnt out.  But why not actually make it bulb-shaped?

I figured it out by stopping at Auto Zone and asking the guy working there if he knew what it meant.  He came out to the van and looked at it and he was not sure, either, at first, but he was able to figure it out.  I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking of stopping at Auto Zone and asking, plus I was really relieved to find out it wasn't something serious, so that helped the anxiety.  That, and 50 mg of vistaril.

Week after next, Isaac and I are going to Michigan for a few days to visit a friend.  I'm looking forward to a little vacation!

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