Friday, June 19, 2015

Parents That Get It Right

Yesterday at the grocery store, there was a woman with a child maybe three years old in the produce section.  I think the child asked his mom if he could pet the doggie and the mom was explaining that he couldn't because this was a helper dog and he was working so they couldn't pet him.  I smiled at the mother and thanked her for teaching her child about service dogs.

Isaac was wagging his tail and looking hopefully at the child.  He loves kids.  I asked the little boy if he would like to say hi to the doggie and he said yes.  I told Isaac to say hi and the child petted his  nose gently and Isaac sniffed his hand and wagged his tail.

The little boy told me he had a doggie at home and the mom told me Isaac was a beautiful dog, which of course he is.  Then the mom prompted him to say thank you to me for letting him pet the doggie and he said "Thank you for letting me pet the doggie" very nicely.

Sometimes I wish I had some gold stars or something to hand out to parents that teach their kids about service dogs.

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