Monday, August 24, 2015

Emotional Support Cat

Today I saw my psychiatrist and needed him to sign a form designating Whiskers as an emotional support cat for my housing. There is a box on the form to check if the assistance animal is individually trained to assist a person with a disability, and I checked no and explained that she is for emotional support and no training is required (because an emotional support animal is different than a service dog).

The office manager was looking at the form and asked, "So a cat doesn't have to be trained?"

I was like, "Um, it's a cat. Have you ever tried to train a cat?"

She looked kind of confused so I asked, "Have you ever had a cat?"

Whiskers says she is pretty well on the way to having me trained but I have not yet trained her to do a thing.

If you want to read more about  emotional support animals and housing, check out this post.

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