Sunday, August 2, 2015

Really Touched by Donations for Whiskers

I am really touched by all the people that have donated money to bring Whiskers back home.  Most are friends of mine.  Some, I think, are friends of my friend Traci, who set up the Go Fund Me account for Whiskers.  Some donated anonymously and I wish I could know who they are so I could thank them. 

Some donated surprisingly large amounts and I am touched by that generosity. 

Some donated small, odd amounts, like $4 or $8.  I am touched by that, too.  I know why people donate small, odd amounts like that.  It's because they really, really want to help and that is all they have.  Think about it.  If you have plenty of money and you're going to make a donation, you pick a nice round number, like $5 or $10 or $25.  You only donate $4 when you absolutely do not have one dollar more, so you can't donate $5. 

One friend told me she decide to give up something for the entire month of August and donate the money she would have spent on that thing for Whiskers.  I'm touched by that, too.  By her sacrifice and just by the amount of thought she put into it.  She really, really wanted to help.

I'm told Whiskers is in good health and is eating and pooping well.  She has been showing signs of stress (no surprise there) but yesterday and today spent time playing with a toy and time looking out a window.  I think she's doing a bit better but I am anxious to get her back home.

My back has been bothering me a lot the last few days.  I haven't seen my acupuncturist in a few weeks because I haven't had the money for it.  I need to get in to see her before I leave for Nebraska.  I have a ton of stuff I have to do in the next two days before I leave, actually.  It's a lot of work taking a trip with a service dog.

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