Saturday, August 15, 2015

That's Not Accessible

I've mentioned before that, when available, I use the accessible bathroom stall when I have Isaac with me.  He and I can squeeze into some tight bathrooms when we have to, but we are both more comfortable when we have more room.  When I am without Isaac (which is rare), I use a regular stall because I don't need the extra room when I'm alone.

I may sound a bit obsessed with accessible bathrooms, but it's because Isaac and I have been on the road so much this summer.  I have found myself using many, many public bathrooms.

So a couple days ago, Isaac and I were at a McDonald's.  I needed to pee, and I needed to get something to drink, and I needed to sit down and use the free WIFI for few minutes.  I discovered a "caution-wet floor" sign in the accessible bathroom stall.  In case you don't know, if you put something in the accessible stall that would prevent someone with a wheelchair from accessing the stall, it is no longer accessible.  You are not supposed to do that.

So when I ordered my drink, I explained this to the employee.  Who looked confused.  So I explained it again, a bit more slowly, a bit more carefully.

Still looking confused, she asked, "Is it in there now?"

I said, "It was two minutes ago.  I assume it still is."

She said, "OK... I'll check."  She looked like she didn't understand why I was telling her about it.

I get that look a lot when I point out to employees that something is not accessible and it should be.  I think they don't get why I care since I don't use a wheelchair.

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