Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Med

Monday I saw my psychiatrist and he was concerned about how poorly I sleep.  I also mentioned feeling increasingly anxious and somewhat distracted lately.  I've been more forgetful and confused and stuff.  He wanted to prescribe a new med and I agreed to try it.

I don't agree to try new meds easily.  Even when I left his office and went home with the prescription, I was not certain I was going to take it.  I went home and researched it more.

But I decided to give it a try.

I am sleeping better.  Despite the fact that it is almost 2:00 am and I am awake, overall I am sleeping better.

I've been tired a lot during the day, but less tired  yesterday than the day before.  I think I am adjusting.

The main side effect I am experiencing is low blood pressure.  My BP tends to run low anyway.  90/60 is about normal for me.  If you don't know, 120/80 is considered the norm.  My psychiatrist checked my blood pressure when I was in his office and he was concerned then because it was only 105/89.  I was like, um, that's high for me.  It was only that high because I was at his office, which makes me anxious.

So he opted not to prescribe one med he was considering, because it causes low blood pressure and he was concerned it would make mine drop too low.  I am on the one that is less likely to cause seriously low blood pressure.

Thursday my BP was 79/45.  Yesterday it was 86/56.

No wonder I am dizzy and tired.  Half the time, I feel like I can barely stand up.  Like I might just fall over.  Or sink to the ground.

I'm hoping I'll adjust to it over a couple of weeks.  If not, I may end up not being able to take it.  Wouldn't be the first time.

Isaac is a big  help.  Bending over is not good when I'm already dizzy.  Yesterday I was cleaning up the living room and he picked up his toys for me.  I dropped some mail outside and he picked that up for me.  He's picked up lots of things.  I need to do laundry this weekend and he will be a big help with that, too.

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