Saturday, October 24, 2015

No! It Wasn't Me!

Yesterday when I was getting groceries at the food pantry, a woman said she thought she'd seen me in a local restaurant about a month ago with my SD and asked if I'd been there. I said I go there once in a while but didn't know if I'd been there when she was there or not.

Then she said, as if to jog my memory, I'd been feeding my service dog bites of my steak under the table.

I was horrified. I said, "Oh no! No, no, no! I NEVER feed him in a restaurant! Service dogs are NEVER supposed to be fed in a restaurant! That was not me, I would never do that."

I wonder if that means there is another service dog team in my area now? One with a handler that thinks it is OK to feed her SD in a restaurant?

The woman didn't seem to understand why I was so emphatic about it not being me, but I wanted to be really clear that I would never do that and that it would be very inappropriate for anyone to do it.

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