Saturday, October 31, 2015

Samhain Eve

What is everyone doing this Samhain Eve?

I just finished cleaning and decorating my altar and I am listening to Blackmore's Night and getting ready to bake some pumpkin bread. I need to clean the litter box and vacuum my floor, too.

Later I will be communing with Cayenne, my soul cat Eileen who died nine years ago, and perhaps my grandparents and a few departed friends. Or whoever else chooses to show up.

I am also going to decorate the urn Eileen and Cayenne share.  Last Samhain, I put Cayenne's ashes in the urn with Eileen's.  It is a plain wooden box and I have wanted to do something to decorate it for a long time but wasn't sure what.  And I guess just wasn't ready to do it.  Now I am.


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  2. I ordered a new Tarot deck. The art work is stunning.