Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Isaac Meets the Easter Bunny

Last weekend we were at Walmart.  They had someone dressed in an Easter bunny costume and kids could have their pictures taken with the bunny.  Parents just took the pictures with their camera phones.

The bunny was standing at the front of the store, near the registers.  I was in a short but very slow line.  A customer was trying to pay by check and the sales associate was having trouble scanning it in or something.

At one point, there were no kids around the Easter bunny.  So I left my cart in line and walked over (it was maybe 10 feet away) and asked if I could take a picture of my service dog with the Easter bunny.  The Walmart employee (the one in normal clothes) that was assisting the bunny said yes, so I did.
Isaac didn't seem particularly interested in the Easter bunny until we got very close and he realized I wanted him to sit by the bunny.  He was interested in sniffing the bunny's hand but he was a bit uncertain about what that strange-looking creature was.  He did not want to cuddle or kiss the Easter bunny.  He did, however, offer to cuddle and kiss the employee in normal clothing.

I think this was the first time Isaac was around someone in this sort of costume.  He did see people wearing masks and all sorts of really strange displays at the Halloween store.  None of that concerned him at all.  But he wasn't sure what to think of the Easter bunny.

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