Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Last week, I called the office of  my acupuncturist to make an appointment.  I told the woman that answered the phone my  name, who I wanted an appointment with, and what for.  She told me what times were available and I told her which appointment slot I wanted.

She said, "OK, I've got Kelly-and-Isaac down for Monday at 3:00."

I don't know what she actually wrote in the appointment book but she made it sound like she wrote "Kelly and Isaac."

When I showed up for my appointment yesterday, when it was my turn, the assistant opened the door to the waiting room and called, "Kelly-and-Isaac." 

They all love Isaac there. My acupuncturist is allowed to greet Isaac, or maybe I should say he is allowed to greet her, when she first comes into the treatment room.  Yesterday, he actually rolled over and solicited a belly rub from her.  No one else pets him, except on rare occasions when they ask if they can, and then I let them.

Once there was a new employee there who was being trained, and the woman training her explained, "This is Kelly-and-Isaac.  You can't pet Isaac unless she says you can.  Don't touch him."

Yesterday as we were leaving, one of the employees called out, "Bye, Kelly-and-Isaac!"

Apparently we are a team there,  I rarely hear our names said separately.

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