Thursday, July 11, 2013

Great Idea for Dogs That Don't Like Bath Time

You all probably know Isaac does not like bath time one bit, and he's certainly not the only dog that feels that way.  I bribe him to get into the tub with bits of hot dogs, which he thinks are the greatest food in the world.  He gets a couple bites for getting into the tub, then I wet him down, then give him another bite of hot dog, then soap him up, then give him another bite of hot dog, then rinse him off and let him out of the tub, and reward him with a couple more bites.

Well, today I came across a great idea for doggies that don't like bath time and I can't wait to try it with Isaac.  You know what  Easy Cheese is?  It's that squirt cheese in a can.  Kinda like Cheese Whiz, but you squirt it out of a can.  It's not even real cheese, I don't think; it's some sort of "processed cheese food."  But it tastes good.  It's yummy on Triscuits.

Anyway, here's what you do.  Squirt a little design of Easy Cheese on the bath tub wall and let your doggie lick it off while he's getting his bath.  Isaac loves cheese and I'm sure he would fine that to be a good reward for getting in the tub, plus it would keep him busy for at least part of his bath time.  With the hot dogs, he swallows a piece in about half a second.  But it would take him a little time to lick off all the cheese.

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  1. Peanut butter should also work. This is a great idea. gotta try it with my rottie mix. she HATES