Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Isaac Has a New Friend

Isaac is good at making friends.  His newest friend is a little girl, who I'll call K here because I don't want to post her name online.  She's about ten years old.  She lives down the street from us and we've seen her outside when we go for walks.  She often comes over and asks if she can pet Isaac.

Last night, she was with two other little girls and one of them asked if she could pet him.  I said yes.  K said, "I petted this doggie before," and I said, "Yes, I remember."  She said, "I asked if he was friendly and you said yes, very friendly."  I said, "Yes, he is super friendly."  She got down on her knees in the grass so Isaac could give her kisses.  She also asked his name.

This morning, Isaac and I were walking and she spotted us from a distance and yelled, "Hi, Isaac!"  Isaac was delighted to see her and practically knocked me off my feet in his rush to greet her.  She said, "I think he remembers me," and I said, "Oh, he certainly does.  He likes you."  Again, she got down on her knees so he could give her some kisses.

Then she told me that later today, she and her mom and a couple of her friends are going to the animal shelter to walk some dogs.  I think that's absolutely wonderful and told her what a nice thing it is for her to do that.  I told her I bet the dogs really, really like it when she comes.  She said yes, they do, and that she really loves dogs.

Those of you that have kids, do you ever do volunteer work with them?

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  1. How adorable! I'm glad you have met this girl and made a friend. I wonder if she could help you when you need it around the house sometimes with cleaning etc? For a small allowance? Just a thought. Anyway, I volunteered with Adrienne when she was younger. We visited a group home for retarded adults and played bingo with them and went to Perkins. It was fun and rewarding.