Thursday, September 11, 2014

Awesome Tutoring Job Opportunity

Next Monday, I have an interview for a tutoring job.  The student is an eight-year-old girl who probably has learning disabilities (she hasn't been tested, the school doesn't want to test her for some reason but mom suspects she might have dyslexia or something like that and from mom said, it sounds like she probably does) and the mom is a licensed massage therapist who wants to barter massage therapy for tutoring services for her daughter. 

How awesome is that?  I'm so excited.  That would be just perfect for me.  In exchange for twice-weekly tutoring sessions, which would not be hard for me and would actually be enjoyable because I like working with kids, I would get a weekly massage therapy session.

I've seen a massage therapist a couple times in the last, I don't know, four or five months.  Just twice.  I'd hoped I could go once a month but I just haven't been able to afford it.  Of course, my insurance won't pay for it.  But it really helps with my fibromyalgia.  I am concerned that as the weather turns colder, my pain is going to get worse again, and I think that regular massage would really help.  This would be such an excellent opportunity for me.

Hopefully the interview goes well.  I think it will.

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