Friday, September 26, 2014

Saw the Rheumatologist Today

Remember last time I saw her, when she was afraid of Isaac?

I was thinking of taking a portable crate and crating him during the appointment, but decided that was too much trouble.  Plus the portable crate is really flimsy and I have better control over him when he is not crated.  Plus how is he supposed to perform tasks from inside a crate?  So I decided against the portable crate.

What I did was pull the chair beside the doctor's desk forward so that Isaac could go behind the chair.  I had him between the chair and the wall, with the desk blocking him in on the third side.  I put him in a down stay and had him stay there.

He was really good, too.  He didn't even start to get up when the doctor came into the room.

She seemed comfortable.  She didn't say anything about the dog.  Didn't act nervous.  Since she didn't bring it up, I didn't either.


  1. Replies
    1. I assume she did. It's not like he was really hidden, although he was very still and quiet. And I had the end of the leash in my hand. I don't know, though. Maybe she didn't.