Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm Still Not Telling You

Nosy strange woman at Meijer today: What is your service dog for?

Me: I don't share personal information like that with people I don't know.

Nosy woman: Oh, it's OK. I work for a vet.

Me: Um... that's a nice job, but I don't share personal information like that with strangers, regardless of where they work.

Nosy woman: It's just that we have a lot of people that bring service dogs in there. They do all kinds of wonderful things, like help people with seizures. It's so wonderful what those dogs can do.

Me: Yes, it is wonderful.

Nosy woman: And I have had seizures before myself. It was from low blood sugar. I wrecked my car having a seizure from low blood sugar.

Me: I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm still not going to share personal information with you. I need to go finish my shopping now.

Nosy woman: Oh, OK.


  1. Maybe she was just trying to be sympathetic, but she was rude.

    1. Maybe she was trying to be sympathetic... but why would I need sympathy?

    2. Because if a person has a service dog, obviously the person has a problem. I am a direct person, but am not nosy, and if I wanted to know something about why a person had a service dog, I would ask them. But of course I would understand it was none of my business and not ask them in the first place.

    3. Doesn't everyone have problems? I am not sure I know anyone that has non problems. And having a service dog doesn't necessarily mean a person has a problem. It means they have a disability. Not everyone considers their disability a problem. And actually, since I have a service dog, my disability is less of a problem than it was before I had a service dog.

    4. You are correct. But this woman clearly had good intentions and took it too far.

    5. You're probably right. She probably did have good intentions. She probably did not mean any harm. A friend pointed out to me that she may have just wanted to connect to me, that maybe she felt she could relate to me since she works with animals, knows at least a little about service dogs, and has seizures herself. My friend pointed out that maybe she just wanted to connect but doesn't have very good social skills. And that may very well be correct. She certainly wasn't going about it in the right way, and it's not my job to help people with their social skills when I'm just trying to do my shopping, but she most likely did not mean to offend me.