Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hiking the Kokosing Gap Trail

Well, part of the Kokosing Gap Trail.  About three miles altogether.  The whole trail is about 14 miles long and that's far more than I'm up for hiking.

It was a beautiful morning and Isaac and I had a lovely time.

He also got to take a quick dip in the Kokosing River to cool off and get a drink of water.  He does love river water!

You know, Isaac and I have been doing a lot of hiking this summer.  Or maybe walking is a more accurate word.  Mostly on fairly flat, easy trails.  I like walking in the woods, on the rugged, hilly trails, but those are harder for me.  A small stumble can send my back into horrific muscle spasms that sometimes last for hours and hours.  But on flat, easy trails, I can walk a long way.  Three or four miles is easy for me.  I have stamina.  I have some strength.  It feels good.

I hope Isaac and I can keep hiking some this winter.  My fibro is getting worse as the weather is getting colder, I can already feel it happening.  But I'm hoping if I dress warmly, we can still do some hikes even when it's cold.  Maybe shorter hikes, if I'm in a lot of pain.  But I hope I don't have to stop hiking for the winter.  I think the exercise has been good for me, both physically and psychologically.  And of course, Isaac loves it.

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