Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lovely Down Stay at McDonald's

Isaac did a lovely down stay at McDonald's today.  He did about 90 minutes, easily.
There were a bunch of kids running back and forth and they never even noticed there was a dog under the table.

Remember when Isaac had trouble doing a down stay for more than an hour?  Our work on that really paid off.  Ninety  minutes today, easily.


  1. Hi Kelly,

    I too am a service dog owner/handler. I think both you and Isaac are an amazing pair. First of all, you for just being able to STAY IN McDonald's for 90 minutes (I can't do that) and Isaac for doing a 90 minute down stay there.

    Great job Isaac - now, tell Mom you need an ice cream cone for that feat!

    Theron Johnson
    Marietta, GA

    1. Isaac got an ice cream cone at McDonald's once. The manager really wanted to give him one and I let her. He enjoyed it very much.