Friday, May 17, 2013

A Happy, Exhausted Doggie

Isaac absolutely adores his new running buddy (aka dog walker).  Of course, Isaac loves everyone.  But he gets so excited every time his running buddy arrives.  I love to see how happy and excited he gets.  Isaac cannot wait to start running, so the two of them take off running down the hall to the elevator.

His new running buddy is a senior in high school.  He has another part time job somewhere, I'm not sure where.  I think he must run faster than Isaac's old running buddy, because Isaac usually comes home more exhausted than he used to.  He also tends to keep  him out a bit longer than the old running buddy.  I hired him to take Isaac for 45-minute runs but he often keeps  him out about an hour.  When they get back, both are out of breath.  The running buddy is all sweaty and Isaac's tongue is hanging out of his month.  He has a really long tongue (Isaac, not his running buddy; I assume the running buddy has a normal tongue)!

Here he is, fresh from a run.

 He guzzled a bunch of water, then collapsed on the kitchen floor beside the water dish.  He's still there, half an hour later.

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