Thursday, May 16, 2013

Updates on Stuff

Update on Me

I'm feeling pretty good.  I have some pain from the biopsy but it's not too bad.  The dressing is uncomfortable and I'm looking forward to removing it tomorrow.  The incision is also kind of itchy.  I think the tape is irritating my skin, too.  And I think that is kind of reminding me of when I had the staples in my arms.  They were itchy and just irritating and even when they weren't really painful, they bothered me.  I think I will feel a lot better when the dressing comes off, although I am a little bit worried about what it's going to look like under the dressing.

I napped a lot today.  Isaac is being sweet.  He's been napping a lot, too.  At one point I woke up and I didn't know where he was and I said, "Where's my doggie?"  It turns out he was in the bedroom, sleeping on my bed (I was on the couch), and I heard him hit the floor and he came trotting right out to the living room and over to me as soon as he heard my voice asking where he was.  I just thought it was really sweet.

We did go for a few walks today.  We walked slow, which is fine with Isaac because he likes to stop and sniff everything anyway.

It stormed last night and the power went out for a little while.  That was just what I needed on top of everything else.  I have flashlights and candles and was able to get those lit and I got through it OK, but it was anxiety-provoking.

Update on the Refund from the Doula

I finally got a check from her a couple days ago, but it was for less than the amount we'd agreed on.  So I emailed her and asked about it.  She acted like she didn't know we'd agreed on a different (larger) amount but I was able to forward her the email in which she agreed to the amount I'd requested.  Then she said she'd send me the rest "if it meant that much to me," but pointed out that she had to pay for gas and childcare and blah, blah, blah.

Well, that's what you do when you have a job.  You pay for gas to get there, you pay for childcare if you have kids.  And, if you care about your job, you show up on time.  If she'd told me in advance she was going to be 40 minutes late, I would not have agreed to pay her as much.  I would not have hired her at all, actually.  I felt that asking for only half my money back was pretty generous on my part.

So she agreed to send it but I haven't received it yet.  The remaining amount isn't that much so if I don't get it, I probably won't pursue it, but I don't like the fact that she tried to make me feel bad about requesting a refund.  She was irresponsible and refunding half the money is really the least she can do.

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