Friday, May 3, 2013

Walks with Isaac

Isaac and I have been taking lots of long, leisurely walks near our new home.  I love how quiet and peaceful it is here.  Last night we went out a bit later than usual and it was dark out and I was amazed at how dark it is.  We didn't walk far because of that; there are some lights around my apartment building, but the little dead end road we're on was completely dark, no streetlights at all.

There is a stream across the road and when we walk down the road, I can hear it gurgling.  I love that sound.  Most of the time all I hear outside is the stream and the birds.

A little ways down the road, the road crosses the stream.  There is a bridge, a wooden bridge if you can believe that, but apparently it's not safe for cars anymore and so it's blocked off.  You can walk across it, though.  Isaac wants to swim in that creek.

That's the view from the bridge.

Isaac likes walking in the tall weeds in the ditch on the side of the road.  The weeds are almost as tall as he is.

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  1. What a gorgeous view you have! It does look peaceful.