Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dining with Doggie

Yesterday, Isaac and I met a friend for lunch at Subway.  The Subway near my home is never busy, but they were sort of busy yesterday.  I guess there is a first time for everything.  Isaac, who had taken a 90-minute nap right before we went to Subway, apparently felt he was too exhausted to stand in line for a long time so he kept lying down.  Which was OK, but every time he lay down, then the line would move.  I would move and Isaac would just lie there.  So I would inform him that he had to get up and move, too.  After the second or third time, he gave me this look like, "You're kidding me, right?  You don't really expect me to get up and move again." 

When we got through the line, Isaac decided he did not want to go under the table and lie down.  Instead, he wanted to lie down on the floor beside the table, all sprawled out.  Which of course is not acceptable.  After I explained as much to him, he went under the table, sprawled out under there and snoozed away.  There was a little puddle of drool under his face when he got up.

Today, Isaac and I met a friend at a park for a walk and then we went to Panera to get something to eat.  Panera was full of little old ladies, all of whom thought Isaac was just adorable and all of whom also seemed to know they were not supposed to pet service dogs.  So instead of petting him, or even asking if they could pet him, they did that thing where they come over to him, bend over so they can look into his pretty puppy eyes, and in a sing-song baby talk voice say, "I'm not allowed to pet you, baby.  Oh, I would pet you if I could, oh yes I would.  What a pretty baby.  I love doggies, oh yes I do, but I'm not allowed to pet you.  I'm sorry, baby, I would pet you if I was allowed, oh yes I would."

Just so you know, not only are you not supposed to pet service dogs, you are not supposed to do that, either.

Isaac has matured some, though, so he no longer leaps to his feet and attempts to kiss people that do that.  He just gives them a big doggie smile and thumps his tail.

The little old ladies also wanted to tell me about their dogs.

Because the restaurant was rather crowded, we had to sit at this round table instead of a booth, which is what I prefer.  The table had those legs that are like a cross on the floor and Isaac doesn't really like lying under those tables because the legs get in his way.  But we were against a wall on one side and were able to move the table over a little bit and Isaac was able to lie mostly under the table with his head sticking out and still be out of everyone's way.  He actually prefers to have his head sticking out but I usually don't let him because usually he would be in the way like that and anyway, he's supposed to go under the table if he fits under there.

Apparently he was very tired after our walk.  See him snoozing away?

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