Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What a Good Boy

Today Isaac was lying on the living room floor, chewing happily on his Kong.  I was getting ready to wash dishes and I dropped a spoon on the floor.  So I called Isaac to come over and pick it up for me.  He came right over, carrying his Kong.

That's common for Isaac.  He comes when called, but often brings a toy.  When I want him to do something for me, like retrieve something, I usually ask him to give me the toy, which he usually does willingly, then tell him what I want him to do, then after he picks up the spoon or whatever and gives it to me, then I give him back his toy.

Today, he came over, looked at the spoon, put his Kong down on the floor, picked up the spoon and gave it to me.  I didn't have to ask for the Kong and I didn't have to tell him to pick up the spoon.

He got a treat for that one.

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