Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Poor Kitty

Cayenne was acting really odd tonight.  Like something was hurting her or she was uncomfortable, at least.  She would lie down, then jump up like she was startled, then hurry to the other end of the couch, lie down, then do it all over again after a minute or two.

I couldn't figure out what was bothering her.  I looked at her belly.  You know the big gaping wound on her tumor, the one that was all disgustingly infected, that the vet told me probably would not close up?  Well, it's almost all closed up.  No more smelly green slime coming out of it.  And the other tumor just has a very small scab on it.  Her belly looks better than it has in a long time. 

And I couldn't find any signs of anything wrong.  But she seemed uncomfortable.

I ended up giving her an extra dose of her anti-inflammatory medication.  She normally just takes it in the morning.  But I gave her a dose this evening, a little less than her morning dose, but hoped it would help her feel better so she could relax and sleep.  And now, 30 minutes later, she is snoozing away.  Except I just petted her and that made her perk up for a minute.

I'm sorry she feels bad, whatever it is that's bothering her.  I am so relieved I have medication for her, though.  Last time she acted like this, it was several months ago, but I didn't have any type of pain med for her and I felt so, so bad for her all night long.


  1. Poor kitty! We had our tabby Tara at the vet yesterday for her continued irritable bowel symptoms. The vet had to squeeze her stomach in various spots and it made some of her diahrea come out. She's on another special diet and doesn't want to eat it. It's horrible to see our pets in pain or discomfort. I hope Cayenne feels better soon.

    1. Cayenne seems really good today. I'm very grateful I had the medication to give her some relief. It is terrible to see pets in pain. I'd rather be in pain myself than see Cayenne or Isaac in pain.

      I'm sorry Tara isn't feeling well. I know she needs a special diet for her IBS. Is it OK to add anything to it to encourage her to eat it? When Cayenne doesn't want to eat (which is pretty rare, she does love to eat, and is not a picky eater, either), chicken or turkey baby food always gets her to eat at least a little. Sometimes I just put a little dab of the baby food on top of her regular food and that's enough to get her eating.