Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When Pacing Myself Sucks

A few days ago, I wrote about how I've been learning to pace myself.  How important it is to do so.  But sometimes it sucks.  Sometimes I really sucks.

Today a friend issued an invitation that I really, really wanted to accept.  I almost did, without thinking too much about it.

But then I did think.  It would involve getting up really early.  This morning, I was up at 3:30 am.  Cayenne woke me up hacking up a big juicy hairball on the couch, which happens to be where I was sleeping.  Since I don't enjoy big juicy hairballs on my feet when I sleep, I decided I better get up and clean it up.  Plus, you know, I was already awake.

I got up, cleaned up the big juicy hairball, and discovered I was cold and sore and achy.  I decided I needed a hot bath.  With Epsom salts and eucalyptus essential oil, which, by the way, is very good for relieving muscle aches. 

It was so early, Isaac didn't even want to get up.  He rolled his eyes in my direction when I looked in the bedroom at him.  I did nap a bit later, but my point is, I was up very early and am running on far too little sleep.

And tomorrow, I have to go buy dog food.  I have to.  Isaac will be eating a small-than-normal breakfast in the morning because he has less than one cup of dog food left.  I was going to get dog food today but I have a coupon that is not good until tomorrow and it's for 10% off everything I buy at the farm supply store where I get dog food.  But I must get it tomorrow.  And lifting a 30 lb. bag of dog food off the shelf in the store and into my cart, then out of my cart and into my trunk, is really, really difficult for me.  I will probably have muscle spasms in my back.  I will hurt.

Doing that on top of getting very little sleep would not be wise.  It would be really stupid.

So I declined the invitation.  But it sucks.  Because a normal person should be able to get up early and still buy dog food.

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