Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Pretty Kitty Went to the Vet Today

Cayenne went back to the vet today for a recheck of her infection on her belly.  It's cleared up nicely, which I knew because I could tell by looking at it.  No more drainage, no more nasty smelly greenish sliminess. 

She was her usual grouchy self about the trip.  I had to stuff her in her carrier, then she yelled at me plenty on the car ride there.  I was actually glad about that, though.  I think it means she's feeling good.

Fortunately, she did not puke, pee or poop on the ride there or on the ride home. 

The vet suggested doing another round of antibiotics, just to prevent the infection from returning for a while.  He thinks that when she comes off the antibiotics, it probably will return, at least at some point.  He said probably sooner rather than later.  But there are risks associated with long-term use of antibiotics, too, so it's not like she can stay on them forever.  But another 14 days of them might delay the inevitable a bit.

As the tumors continue to grow, the skin will continue to break down.  That will allow infection to set in, plus she will lick the ulcerated places more as they break down more, which introduces more bacteria.  But for now, she'll do another round of antibiotics and I'll do my best to keep the ulcerated spots clean and dry.

She gained five ounces since she was last there.  She's been eating like a little pig.  She demands treats frequently, and since she's spoiled rotten, she gets them.

When I had her on the exam table, her carrier was on the table beside her, and she kept trying to get back in it.  Only the little door was closed.  But she kept pawing at it and butting it with her head.  She wanted in that carrier.  It's hilarious how cats do that.  They hate getting in it at home but get them to the vet and they can't wait to get in. 

Isaac was very happy to see her when we got home.  I'm not sure who he missed more, me or the kitty.

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