Friday, February 20, 2015

Hello Doggie!

Isaac and I were at Joann Fabrics today and these three-year-old twin girls (who were adorable, by the way) came running up to him, squealing "hello doggie! hello doggie!", grabbing him around the neck and patting him on the face. I bent down so I could make eye contact with them both and told them it's not safe to run up to a doggie they don't know and touch him because they don't know if the doggie might bite.

Their mom arrived 30 seconds behind them and said to me, "They are three." 

I said, "OK, well, it's not safe for three-year-olds to run up to a strange dog and start touching him. My dog doesn't bite. But the next dog they run up to might." 

This whole time, the kids are patting Isaac on the head, neck, face, nose, mouth, everywhere. Isaac, of course, is delighted because he loves kids. He is happily wagging his tail. But the mom just looked kind of confused, like she didn't understand why she shouldn't let her kids run up to a strange dog. 

What is wrong with some parents?

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