Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On Opening the Fridge

I've mentioned before that Isaac opens the fridge on command.  And, hopefully, will soon be opening it in order to bring me juice as well.

I do not normally need Isaac to open the fridge for me.  His trainer taught him to do it, apparently that is something she teaches most of the dogs she trains, and it's something I have him do a lot because he likes doing it and because he is just happier when he gets to work.  If I am in the kitchen putting away groceries or cooking, Isaac likes to be in there with me.  And he gets underfoot.  He is happier if I give him jobs to do, like opening the fridge.

He opens it by tugging on this braided fleece rope that is looped around the door handle.  When I first got Isaac, I wondered if he would open it on his own, without being told, when I was not around to supervise him, and help himself to hotdogs or something.  He knows there are hotdogs in there.  He knows there is cheese in there.  He is a smart dog.

But he has never, ever, ever attempted to open the fridge without being told to do so.  I don't think it occurs to him that he could.  I think in his mind, that is just something he only does, only can do, when I tell him to.  Which is just fine with me.

It's funny, though.  He could go in there as soon as I fall asleep and help himself to  a whole pack of hotdogs.  He just doesn't realize he could do that.  

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