Monday, February 2, 2015

Poor Isaac

One of the things Isaac often does for me in the morning is turn on the lights.  Since it is winter and doesn't get light out very early right now, it is often still dark when Isaac wakes me up.  He generally gets up a little after six.  He wakes me up, I take him out to pee and give him his breakfast, and we both go back to bed for a little while.

Sometimes I sleep with the lights on but when I sleep with them off, when Isaac wakes me up, I will tell him to turn on the lights while I sit up and try to wake up a bit.  He is always enthusiastic about turning on the lights, but sometimes in his enthusiasm, he kind of brushes the light switch with his nose but doesn't actually flip it up and turn it on.  When that happens, I tell him again to get the lights, and he does.

Well, the other morning, I told Isaac to get the lights and he did his thing but the light did not come on.  I figured he just didn't flip the switch and told him to do it again.  And again, the poked at the switch with his nose but the light did not come on.  So I told him to do it again.

After a few times of this, Isaac appeared confused.  He seemed to think maybe it wasn't the lights that I wanted.  So he brought me my meds instead.  This is pretty typical of Isaac - if he isn't sure what I want, he just starts guessing.

Of course, I didn't want the meds, so I told him again to get the lights.  And he tried again.  But the lights still didn't come on.

I got up and walked over the the light switch and realized the switch was flipped up.  It seemed that the bulb had burnt out.  Poor Isaac, he had probably turned it on the first time I told him to.  And then I kept telling him to do it over and over again, after it was already done.


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