Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dealing with Fatigue

I have been super tired lately.

Sunday Isaac and I went up to Lake Erie with friends and we decided to go early in the day because it would be less crowded.  We left our house at 7 am. 

We had a great time.  Isaac got to run on the beach, swim in the lake, play with some other doggies, play Frisbee with some guys on the beach, roll in a dead fish and sniff lots of stinky things.  He also got a hard boiled egg at lunch time, a piece of roast beef and a piece of bacon.  He says it was one of the best days ever.  I had fun, too.

Of course, we were both exhausted by the time we got home.  Isaac slept all the way  home and slept at home, except for getting up to eat dinner.  I lay on the couch until about 9 pm, then went to bed.

I was still exhausted Monday.  I was in bed before 9 pm Monday night.

And I was still exhausted yesterday.  I managed to drag myself out to take Isaac for a walk, but I was tired.  I did a few things around the house but not much and was in bed by 9 pm again.

I want some energy.  I am trying to rest, trying to pace myself, trying to get some stuff done while also taking it easy.  But I really wish I had more energy.

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