Sunday, September 6, 2015

Update on New Med

I posted last week about being on a new med that was causing my blood pressure to drop significantly.

I finally called my doctor, and it took a long time and multiple phone calls before the office manager checked with him about the med, which really pissed me off because this is serious stuff and how hard is it to give a message to the doc?  But anyway, I had decided on my own to discontinue the med, since I couldn't get in touch with my doctor for advice, but then the day after I stopped taking it, when I was already feeling better, I called his office yet again and was finally told he recommended stopping it.

I asked the office manager if he wanted to prescribe something else and she said "He didn't say."  Well, um, when I spoke with her the day before I specifically asked about that so why didn't she pass on that part of my message?  Grrr.  She sucks at her job, seriously.

So I spent a week feeling crappy and now I'm back to square one.


  1. Isn't it amazing how some people do their jobs (actually how they DO NOT do their jobs)? I am a retired air traffic controller - can you imagine what would happen if I did my job the way some people do not do theirs?

    1. I have had trouble repeatedly with this office manager. She started working there a couple years ago. The office manager before her was fantastic. This one sucks. The doctor is good, but I wish he'd do something about his staff.