Thursday, September 17, 2015


Isaac got his teeth brushed for the first time today, with doggie toothpaste and everything.

He is not wild about this flavor of toothpaste either but he seems to like it a little better than the first kind I bought. However, he was happier to see it on the toothbrush than on my finger (I tried letting him taste it on my finger first). Apparently serving slivers of hot dog on the toothbrush did the trick in terms of getting him interested in the toothbrush and making him think favorably of it!

I think he was disappointed to see there were no hot dogs on the toothbrush this time, but he allowed me to brush his teeth. He did not look thrilled about it, and I only brushed them for about a total of five seconds, but it went a lot better than I imagined it would go.

P.S. Isaac thinks I should also brush the cat's teeth but she says no way!  Actually, I think she says something along the lines of, "Try it and I shall claw you to shreds."

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