Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

No, I don't have bed bugs.  Thank the gods.  But someone in my apartment building does and they decided to treat all the common areas of the building as well as his apartment.  Which is just fine with me.  I definitely do not want to get bed bugs!

They were recommending people stay out of all the common areas for several hours after the exterminators were finished, including the hallways, stairwells and elevator.  I definitely didn't want Isaac to walk on any of the treated surfaces until the chemicals had plenty of time to dry, since he does not wear shoes and he sometimes licks his feet.  So I decided we would stay out of the house all day today.

So we went up to Lake Erie for the day.  Isaac ran on the beach and swam in the lake and played with a nice dog that was twice his age but very playful and played fetch with a nice man with a ball (Isaac is very good at convincing strangers to play with him and share their toys with him) and rolled in some dirt and dug up a dead fish on the shore... he says it was an all around great day.

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