Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Visit to the Vet Today

Isaac went to the vet today.

He has an ear infection (I knew he did, that's why I took him, he has nasty gunk in his right ear). So he is supposed to get his ears cleaned daily and get ointment put in them twice a day.

He also got a steroid injection for allergies. He gets allergies around this time of year and itches a lot.

The vet looked at his teeth (I was a little concerned because I noticed some tartar on one tooth) and said they don't look bad but that brushing them would be good. Isaac does not like the toothpaste I get at the pet store so I bought a different kind from the vet, which he said most dogs seem to like. He suggested dipping the toothbrush in chicken broth at first to get Isaac used to the toothbrush and I told him I'd been serving slivers of hot dog on the toothbrush and that Isaac likes the toothbrush just fine. The vet laughed and told Isaac, "You're not spoiled, are you?"

Isaac got some treats and a belly rub from the vet. He got a hug from the vet tech. He said it was a pretty good time.

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