Saturday, September 26, 2015

Medication Change

I saw my rheumatologist yesterday and together we agreed to increase my dose of gabapentin.  It was something I'd been thinking about for a good month, considering the potential benefits and the risk of increased side effects.  When I started taking this medication, I was on a very low dose.  We increased it two other times, and both times, I felt tired and nauseous and just icky for about a week.  I figured that would probably happen this time, too.

So yesterday I took the higher dose and felt fine.  I felt fine until this afternoon, when I suddenly crashed.  I am not nauseous, although I don't have much appetite, but I am tired.  Like, exhausted.

I hate dealing with this. I hate that I have to.  I hate having to weigh the risks and benefits of meds and I hate having to decide to deal with the side effects because I need the benefits.

And I hate know I'll feel lousy for a week or so, especially because I have stuff I need to do and also stuff I want to do.  Like, I am supposed to get together with an old friend Tuesday and I am really hoping I have the energy to do it.

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