Tuesday, January 26, 2016

And He's Home from Surgery

Isaac is home and the vet said the surgery went well but I don't think he is feeling so great.

He wants to play but seems very tired, which seems logical to me. I suggested he just lie down and go to sleep, but he won't listen.  Instead, he starts to prance around and brings me a toy to throw for him, but I won't throw it because he isn't supposed to be running and jumping. Then he dozes off while waiting for me to throw the toy, then wakes up and realizes I haven't thrown it and starts to whine at me. He is very whiny. 

Then he wants to get on my lap. He is very clingy.

Then all of a sudden he starts to chew on his stitches and I have to stop him. Then he falls asleep and starts to snore. He just seems all out of sorts, poor baby.

His incision does look good, six stitches and it doesn't look red or swollen or anything. Whiskers wants to check it out and sniff it good but I told her no.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Kelly, Issac and Wiskers,
    Wishing Issac a speedy recovery....
    ? you might still see some swelling for a couple of days. that is probably normal ??? Years ago, when I had a dog that had to be fixed. Charlie ate most of his stitches. However if I recall correctly ? in the saliva there might be some healing properties ?? I could be wrong and I know you would know better then me.
    Again speedy recovery!!