Thursday, January 28, 2016

He's Recovering Well

Isaac had surgery two days ago to remove a mole from his tail.  He is recovering well.  He seems almost back to his usual self.

Yesterday he napped a lot. 

I had an appointment with my primary care doctor and I decided to take Isaac with me because I knew it would be a short appointment and all he was going to be doing was napping in a down stay while I was there anyway.  The vet had said it was OK for him to return to work if he seemed to feel up to it.  I wouldn't have taken him grocery shopping or anything involving a lot of walking or even a really long down stay.  But this seemed OK

When we were in the waiting room, Isaac farted.  A lot.  He had really foul gas.  I think it must have been related to the anesthesia and if he'd started farting before I left for the appointment, I probably would have left him at home.  Luckily my doctor just thought it was funny, but it was really bad.  I apologized profusely.

When we got home from the appointment, he napped and farted some more.

Today we went for a walk in the woods, about 1.5 miles, at a leisurely pace.  Isaac had to stay on the leash and he was disappointed to learn he was not allowed to roll in anything smelly.  His tail has to be kept clean, though, and his stitches are not supposed to get wet, so he can't have a bath.  That means no rolling in stink.

But the weather was nice and he got to sniff a lot and seemed to enjoy the walk a lot.

And no smelly gas today.

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